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Paintball - Paintballing

Looking for the perfect way to kick start your stag weekend? Grab some goggles, don a camo outfit, load your shooter and become the paintball daddy! (or hope to). With paintballs flying all over the game arenas at 200mph will your team have what it takes to storm enemy bunkers, rescue hostages and command the castle without getting splatted?

A standard day consists of 10 exhilarating paintball battles. And don’t worry, we have some special surprises in store for the groom…. Just to make sure the occasion doesn’t go unmarked!!

Tales of your days paintballing experience will be relived down the pub in the evening. Listen out as the groom’s story of how he grabbed the flag from 3 of the red team turns into10 before the night is out….

UKPaintball have over 45 premier paintball parks to choose from in the UK including paintball in some of the most popular stag destinations; Paintball Brighton, Paintball Manchester, Paintball Bournemouth, Paintball Bristol, Paintball Nottingham, Paintball London, Paintball Newcastle, Paintball Edinburgh and many more…… Work up a thirst for the evening events. Who will be the last man standing, who will be the scaredy cat and who will have the best comedy injury.

Check paintball availability online today!

P.s did we mention we have some tailor made (one size fits all) head to toe bunny costumes just for the Groom. The groom definitely wont get missed out in one of these (in fact hiding even in the thickest of undergrowth wont be possible). Makes for a great best man speech photo and the ladies will love the little pink fluffy tail.





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