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Best Man Speeches

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Best Mans Speech

Ah! The best mans speech. It has to be funny, dangerous, and funny. Yes I know I mentioned funny twice... but it's an important part.

We have compiled a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to write the ultimate best mans speech that will have everybody laughing out loud, and talking about your speech for weeks to come. It's SO good that our site was  featured in British Telecoms TV advert - with a closeup of!

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Best Man Speeches

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Our pack is called the Speech Pack and is written by a professional speech writer. Yes. He does it for a living... so YOU don't have to worry. All the BRILLIANT work is already done!

The pack contains over 100 pages and is targetted at a UK audience! There are so many people selling speeches on the internet now, and 99% of them are rubbish or aimed at the American market. Americans are not funny, and that is official. Except the Simpsons of course, oh and a bunch of others but let's not split hairs.

The speech pack contains:

  • 6 complete speeches ranging in topic and style - all are funny, one will suit your groom perfectly.
  • A guide to what is required of the best man.
  • A comprehensive guide of one liners and best man gags. Worth it's weight in gold!
  • A guide to heckler put downs and how to make yourself look BRILLIANT in the process.
  • A guide to making the perfect speech, tips, tricks and comic timing.

This pack contains everything you need to make a BRILLIANT and hilarious speech. It is available for instant download and costs just £14.99. Download it instantly, right now, using PayPal you don't need a paypal account - just a credit or debit card.

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the speech

See our famous Best Man Speech Pack. It contains EVERYTHING you need to make a fantastic best man speech.

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